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Each bubble-case is born through love and care, each item is uniquely natural, uniquely urban, mixing simplicity with boldness, classical with modern. The result – cases that look and feel unique with own provocative personality.

When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see, For all the day they view things unrespected; But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee, And darkly bright are bright in dark directed.


Bubble – Leather

Fascination Leather

Leather is unique! Every piece has its own natural grain and incuse, thus giving it a touch of exclusiveness from the very beginning. Each of our cases becomes a unique specimen of timeless elegance due to selected, high-quality raw materials as well as skilled craftsmanship!

Stitching Leather

Selected and eco-friendly tanned leather as well as skilled craftsmanship with a touch of exclusiveness are the identifying features for high-quality leather goods by bubble-cases. The fabrication requires a high degree of dexterity and creativity from our fine case-makers:

  1. Selecting, assessing and processing the material
  2. Cutting, blanking and embossing various inner sections
  3. Precise finishing in the assembly of the individual parts, especially with regard to tucking the outer covers into the inner sections
  4. Attaching straps and embroideries.

After the fine case-makers have finished their work, the articles are backstitched in the sewing room, inspected and packaged ready for shipment.

Caring for Leather

Leather is a relatively easy-to-clean material. The basic rule is: the natural qualities of the leather have to be preserved, as real leather breathes. If leather is treated with an unsuitable cleaning product, the cleaning product film can be too thick and the leather will lose its special quality. Colourless impregnation sprays from specialist shops are particularly suitable for treating leather. This provides extra protection against moisture.

But should the leather happen to become really wet, the following basic rule applies: stuff the case with absorbent paper and allow it to dry at normal room temperature and good ventilation. Never expose leather to intensive heat (e.g. radiators)!

Stain treatment

  • Massage water-drop stains into the damp leather with the flat of your hand. Soak the leather with steam or fog it with a flower atomizer. Do not rub! Allow to dry slowly.
  • Always remove ballpoint-pen stains out of the leather in a linear motion. Q-tips and a cotton cloth are suitable for this.
  • Grease and perspiration marks, e.g. on handles or the cases-sides, can be removed in the initial stages with leather laundry soap. Scatter magnesium powder or chalk dust on grease stains that are still fresh; allow soaking in for around 24 hours and then vacuum to remove.


Never use solvent-containing cleaners like acetone, stain remover, petroleum ether etc., as the leather can be damaged. Always use leather-care products! We do not accept any guarantee for the abovementioned care tips. When in doubt, always contact your specialist supplier!

Your Bubble-Team!

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